[Discuss OpenCPI] Duration for Unit Test on Zed

Miller, Peter PeterM at signalscape.com
Mon Jun 25 08:29:48 EDT 2018

We have a unit test for a component (phy_tx_802dot11g.test) to run on xsim and on zed. The component does not emit a ZLM and so we use duration to limit the test. In xsim this is 120 seconds <case duration='120'> But for zed we need to limit it to about 100 usec. It appears that duration is in integer seconds as case duration='0.001' runs forever and the file gets big fast.

  1.  How can we limit the duration of a unit test in microsec for zed?
  2.  How can we write a unit tester with cases specific to zed and to xsim?

Peter B. Miller
Potomac: (301) 765-9668

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