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Miller, Peter PeterM at signalscape.com
Tue Jun 19 08:58:44 EDT 2018

Suppose I create a simple hdl assembly that contains one component, phy_tx_802dot11g.hdl.
ocpidev create hdl assembly phy_tx_802dot11g_assy

ocpidev build hdl assembly phy_tx_802dot11g_assy --hdl-platform xsim --hdl-platform zed

>From this I will get:

I can use this assembly to create an application that, say, connects to file_write and I can run it on Centos or Zed. Now I want to make an application that connects it to qdac on the zed fmcomms3. I copy the container file "cnt_1rx_1tx_thruasm_fmcomms_2_3_lpc_LVDS_zed.xml" and modify the Makefile to add "Containers=cnt_1rx_1tx_thruasm_fmcomms_2_3_lpc_LVDS_zed" and build.

Now a make clean and make only generates the fmcomm container and not the base.

Question: How can I modify the makefile to specify a container for the Base container? Such that make clean, make will build the base and the config folders? Is there a "Containers=" for the base assembly?

Peter B. Miller
Potomac: (301) 765-9668

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